Why Use Functional NZ?

Getting fit and healthy shouldn't be a fad or a short-term solution - it should be a way of life.

The team at Functional NZ has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. As your body, fitness levels, and health changes, so will your overall wellbeing.

Being fit and healthy through exercise will;

  • Reduce your propensity for diseases such as cancer and heart disease
  • Keep bones and muscles strong
  • Significantly increase your energy levels and vitality
  • Manage your weight
  • Make you look better and feel younger
  • Make you happier! - exercise is proven to help reduce depression and manage stress

Whether it's individual coaching, group exercise or just general health and fitness advice, the health and fitness experts at Functional NZ can help.

Functional NZ specialises in the following programmes:

  • Weight reduction and control - to help body you lose that excess fat and maintain the results.
  • Resistance and cardiovascular - for continuous improvement.
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation - closely monitored and bringing in the community specialist when needed.
  • Nutritional guidance - general nutritional advice or sports specific diet programming guaranteed to engage!
  • Sports specific training - to give you the edge in your sport
  • Functional coaching and core stability - to improve your everyday movement patterns
  • Postural analysis and correction - through tailored corrective stretching and exercise programmes improving posture and reducing pain.
  • Holistic lifestyle and wellness coaching - reducing stress, increasing energy levels, and improving overall health and self-esteem.

Contact us now to talk about how our friendly experts can help you.

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