Corporate Fitness and Wellness Sessions

At Functional we believe that employers who support their people's health, happiness, and fulfilment, are ultimately investing in the growth and success of their company.

Functional's corporate health and wellness division develop bespoke programs for fitness, wellness and nutrition. Working with your HR teams or Wellness committees we can develop cost and time effective programs - whether it be regular fitness sessions, one off events, workshops or coaching, our experienced professionals can develop the programs around your goals and needs.

At Functional we understand that continued engagement is the key - Our exercise programs are designed to energise, motivate and of course be FUN. Whether it be for individuals or teams we develop programs for all levels of fitness - novice, intermediate and advanced - using techniques to best suit the individuals throughout all our sessions.

There is an abundance of research illustrating the merits of Corporate wellness.

Contact us now for more information and how we can develop Wellness packages and health solutions for your employees.

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