Our Expertise

We offer one on one or individualized group sessions for all fitness levels and for all stages of life - from absolute beginners to professional athletes, teens to retirees, pre & postnatal as well as supporting post-surgery and improving overall mobility.

Our Personalised Programs

Our Functional mobile Fitness & Wellness coaches can do sessions in the park, studio or at your home. From weight management, strength conditioning, reducing daily pain and improving overall fitness we will develop the program to suit you.
Your Time, Your Goals & Your Success.

Pre & Post Natal

Our Pre & Postnatal Fitness and Wellness experts will help keep you fit, healthy and energised through exercise, nutrition and wellness programs tailored to suit you. We are here to help you through the journey of your pregnancy as well as supporting, motivating and guiding you back with our individualised Post Natal fitness programs.

Individualised Group Sessions

Our group sessions will keep you motivated, fit, healthy and feeling great in no time while exercising with other like-minded people. At Functional we help chose the RIGHT group for you and tailor our sessions to ensure everyone's goals are met, whilst FUN is had by all!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

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Being Healthy and Fit isn't a short term solution, it's a lifestyle!

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