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  "...i lost 25lbs in total, 6 inches off my waist .."

I approached Natalie to help me lose weight and tone up for my wedding. We set milestone goals to achieve my overall goal to look the best i could for the big day. I lost 25lbs in total, 6 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my "bingo wings." I can honestly say I had never run more than a few hundred metres, but within 6 months of training with Natalie she had me completing 20km runs around Europe! Her sessions were tough but varied, working all aspects of my body, and her advice on diets and water intake was an invaluable complement to the exercise sessions. Natalie truly inspired and motivated me to achieve my dream goals and we had great fun in the process.

Gail Soutar
 International Affairs Adviser, NFU England & Wales


  "...Nats a game changer.."

Natalie gets to know what your body can do and then proceeds to push it that little bit further. The results I achieved were amazing. I’m close to 40, and am fitter than I was at 20. 
Not being a brainless monkey, I like to know why I’m doing certain exercises and how I can improve my performance. Nat has the knowledge to explain the mechanics of the body and this added understanding has helped me push myself that little bit further, both in terms of strength and stamina.
Her sessions are never dull and always evolving. Whether it’s a TRX, a punch bag, or a tennis ball, you’re never sure what the next challenge will be…
If you’re looking for someone who brings passion and intelligence to the arena of exercise, look no further.”

Kailas Moorthy
Architect and wanna-be Athlete, Brussels


  "...running again and pain free..."

I started training with Natalie Skinner at her ‘Fit in the Park’ sessions in summer 2009 and her training methods have quite simply transformed my life.  I do not say this lightly as I have been physically active and have experienced many different types of sports regimes during my whole life.  
In summary, Natalie is the most talented trainer I have ever met who combines an innovative approach to training along with an instinctual ability to work with the client’s needs, motivations and constraints.

Sarah Murray     Team Leader East of England Brussels Office

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  "...going to your limits and beyond.."

I worked with Nathalie for 2 years. She is fun, extremely creative with her exercises and programmes (no session, but no session was ever the same, I was amazed at her creativity).

She understands injuries and how to work on strengthening body parts. She has an excellent connection to people and understands your limits and how to take you beyond them. That was what I enjoyed most, Nathalie pushed me where she knew she could take me, but where, had I been working alone, I would not have gone. We did all sorts of different things together and I loved the variety and her encouragement to do things outside my comfort zone.  She looks soft, and indeed she is empathetic, but in training, she will make you do what you are capable of doing and wont be deterred by "moans of mercy". She took my training seriously and was an excellent pro, that was what I wanted. Not only is she brilliant in functional training indoors, but she is brilliant with training outdoors. We ran some half marathons together and took swimming classes together.  Nats is a one in a million trainer and I have no hesitation in recommending her!! I miss her lots!!

Julie Nazerali, lawyer, Brussels


  "A new lease on life..."

"Rich, I can not thank you enough for what you have given me.  A new lease on life, a body to be proud of, and nutrional and exercise advice to take with me through life.  Your encouragement, advice, energy and enthusiasm (outside my own bloody mindedness) were the greatest single contributors to where I am today, as compared to where I was before all this started. 

Quite honestly, you probably cannot comprehend what you have given me...

All I can say is thank you!!



  "...More Energy.."

The functional programs have been much more enjoyable than I imagine. Not only have I ended the program with more energy and a noticeably higher level of fitness, but it really has been fun. The trainers are very motivating and the rest of the clients are fun to be with. I definitely will be signing up again.

John Goldenberg
Supply Chain and Logistics Manager – Asia Pacific / Japan
EMC Corporation


  "...got my shape back after 10 years of neglect!."

 As a full time working single mum I really needed to do something for me and to get my shape back after 10 years of neglect! Natalie has consistently provided energy and motivation to get me physically and mentally through some really tough workouts.

In fact she pushed me to do things that I thought were impossible and there is no way I could ever have achieved what I have without her by my side to motivate me and give me the confidence to go that extra mile when I thought I could do no more!

Personal training sessions with Natalie were tough, but the greatest of fun and not only did she motivate me but she got my kids active too when they had to accompany me to my sessions!"  
Paula Chadwick

Mother and Assistant to the Director European Personnel Selection Office


  "...Staying Motivated..."

“Natalie has consistently provided energy and motivation to get me through some tough workouts. She has pushed me to do things that I thought were impossible and through stressing what I have done well and achieved. We have laughed a lot during our sessions and this too has ensured that I stay motivated”

Fionna Scott-Milligan
Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies Whitecliffe college of Arts and design NZ