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Functional fitness testing

Rate how you performed in your group training sessions.

Functional fitness tests incorporate a variety of exercises designed to assess your muscular strength, endurance, stability and cardiovascular fitness. Remember, you’re working at your own level and ability. We use this test as an assessment tool to monitor your own progress, not compare yourself to anyone else. This class is all about you.

Below is a guide to help ‘rate yourself’ based on a selection of exercises and assessments from our Functional fitness tests. These results are a guide to help you select which group (novice, intermediate or advanced) you could potentially start off in and also see how you improve during the programme. Challenge yourself, practice and watch your scores improve

The tests will often vary depending on the location, facilities and individual group dynamics.

 FUNctional fitness testing



Yellow (intermediate)


FUNctional personal bests

Walking lunges (2min)

1 - 20

21 - 40


Michelle C Jan 08

John G Oct 07

Press ups

1 - 10

11 - 25


Kirsten C Oct 07

Peter H Oct 07

Swissball press up with feet on ball
(1 min)

1 - 15

16 - 30


Mildie M Jun 07

John G July 07

Tricep dips

1 - 15

16 - 30


Kirsten C Jun 07

Peter H Oct 07

Swissballs Bridge  (to form break)
3min cut off period

0 – 30sec

31sec – 1:5min

1:5min +

A number have achieved this

A number have achieved this

Prone cobra (to form break) 3min cut off period

0 – 30sec

31sec – 1:5min

1:5min +

A number have achieved this - well done

A number have achieved this - welldone

Mountain Climbers 0 - 30 31 - 60 61+ 138
Peter H Jan 08
Michelle C jan 08

Shuttle run
(15 x 20m)


1:20 -1:35

1:20 -

Kirsten C Jun 07

Tim C Jun 07

Richards hill run 5 x


8 - 10min 

6min - 

Chris A jan 08

John G jan08

Richards hill run 10 x 14min+ 12min - 14min 12min - Karina B
10:30 Jan 08
Richard E
9:33 Jan 08

Form break: The Functional team is strict on maintaining correct exercise technique when carrying out exercises and assessments. It’s imperative you stop the exercise when your form or technique breaks or you start to feel aches or niggles where you shouldn’t.

Functional personal bests: Functional brings out the best in our clients. To recognise our clients achievements we’ve included the Functional personal best column. These results have been achieved during Functional fitness testing sessions. Well done team! Go on see if you can beat them.

Functional ADDICT
This is awarded monthly to one outstanding client, which has shown great improvement, team spirit, attitude, effort and attendance throughout the programme. Basically, this person has embraced the spirit of Functional.

 This special person receives a special limited edition FUNctional 'Addict' T-Shirt, everyone will know your a legend!

FUNctional in the Park May 07 Kirsten Clarke
FUNctional Winter Chill July 07 Boris Bruges
FUNctional Winter Chill September 07 James Abbot
FUNctional in the Park January 08 Jacqui Millett
FUNctional in the Park Feburary 08 Michelle cheshire
FUNctional in the Park March 08 John Goldenberg
FUNctional in the Park April 08 Noelle Davies
FUNctional Winter Chill June 08 James Abbot
FUNctional Winter Chill July 08 Simon Rowntree / Sarah Browne