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Let’s try and answer those group training questions!

What is Functional group training?
Functional group training is an ongoing outdoor (and indoor over the horrid winter months) group exrcise programme with a difference. This is NO boot camp. Each session is run by a top FUNctional trainer at various locations throughout Auckland. When a group size reaches 7 people we bring in a second trainer. You are in a small group of 8 – 20 people and will receive expert training in a group environment.

 What does Functional fitness mean?
Functional movements are based on the bodies Functional and integrated movement patterns that we perform every day. No need for fancy machines and equipment; learn to use your body, it’s the ultimate machine.

What makes Functional group training so special?
We base our success upon results through assessment and education. We carry out Functional fitness testing on the last session of every month to monitor your progress and set goals for the next month.

At each session clients can decide which group (novice, intermediate or advanced) they want to work in and the trainers cater the session to that level.

The trainers are highly skilled, energetic and motivated and they’ll give you the support, encouragement and education to not only improve your overall health and fitness, but leave you feeling like you have learnt something as well.

What if I’m not fit enough?
No problem here.  The group is divided into ability based groupings.







At each session you can choose which group you wish to join and our trainers can cater to your fitness level and ability.  We utilise a second trainer when group size reaches 7 people,  assisting in teaching stretching and exercise technique, while helping to push the higher abilities and those needing more support.

You don’t need to be super fit, just committed to improving your current level of fitness.

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What do I need to know as a first timer?
If you haven’t registered before the start date (so you are a ‘casual’) then you need to arrive 10 minutes prior to your first session with us.  The trainers will get you to fill in a registration/health screen form and assess your physical and medical history. Please ensure you let us know you are coming first.

What if it’s raining and the weather is miserable?
Our Winter Chill program utilises indoor/outdoor facilities over the winter months. However, we don’t mind a little bit of rain and wind, so be prepared. Our park and beach based programmes run no matter what the weather, so wrap up warm. No excuses here!

Can I register at any time?
Yes. Just download our park screen, sign and date it and email it back to us or bring it to the park. You will need to arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before the session starts to go through the questionnaire with the trainer. It’s always best to let us know you are coming first.

Can I transfer my sessions?
Cost of missed sessions will not be transferred to another block of Functional NZ Ltd programmes or crossed over to different people. 

What is a typical training session like?
There is no 'typical' session; each is different to stop both you and your body getting bored or tired. This is one of the benefits of our sessions - it's a full strength, endurance and cardiovascular workout. Lessons may include any of the following: team games, paired exercises, circuits, strength or pilates work and interval based cardio drills.

Each class is divided into ability groups and starts with a 10 minute warm up and stretching.  This is followed by at least 10-15 minutes of strength endurance functional training (station or circuit based) and 10-15 minutes of high intensity interval training.  We end with a cool down and stretch.  The total training time is 45 minutes.

Trainers will work to the pace of the least fit member of the group whilst finding ways to keep the front runners working hard.

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Do I need to check with a health professional before I sign up?
You should complete and sign a “park screen” health questionnaire and hand it to your trainer before you start your first session. If in doubt or you answer 'yes' to any of the questions we recommend you speak to your GP before attending.

Do I need to attend a fitness assessment before starting training?
No. Just turn up for your session 10 minutes early and speak with our trainers.


What happens if I miss the FUNctional fitness testing?
Don’t worry, one off FUNctional fitness testing is available. Just let us know and we’ll organise a time at the below costs.

1 person


2 people

$40 per person

3 – 4 people

$30 per person

5 – 8 people

$20 per person


What should I wear? Do I need any specialist equipment?
Running/exercise kit, t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit is ideal. Some exercises involve getting down on the ground so be prepared to get at least a little bit dirty - it's part of the fun! Unfortunately we can't guarantee the weather but we can guarantee that you'll be sweating by the end of each session so make sure you have a warm top to put on after the session has finished.  Please arrive in your kit as changing facilities in parks are limited.

Equipment required for the exercises will be supplied by the Trainer.

What should I bring?
Bring your own water and/or isotonic drinks. There will be water breaks during the class. Please drink plenty of water before you arrive. Also bring a towel, as we will be doing floor work outside.

Do you offer one-on-one training?
Yes we do! Our team of elite one on one trainers can give you individual or small group training at your home, park or registered facilities. Check out our elite one-on-one trainers on the website or alternatively just email us and we will talk you through the options.

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