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  Exercise and your Body

Exercise is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. Not only does regular exercise help to maintain overall fitness and manage weight loss, it can lower the risk of many life-threatening conditions¹.

People who exercise regularly are likely to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. In fact, studies have shown that being physically unfit is just as dangerous as smoking in terms of lowering life expectancy².

Regular exercise can also benefit emotional wellbeing and helps combat stress and depression.

You may have numerous excuses as to why you do not exercise such as ‘no time’, ‘I’m so busy at work’, ‘I can’t afford it’…However even a short brisk walk will help improve your health, and won’t cost you anything!  Even better, join an outdoor class – get motivated by your trainer and get that essential healthy fresh air in your lungs.

Any exercise option is a good option.  No more excuses, start now!

¹ NHS Direct – UK

² NHS Direct – UK

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Postural uniqueness; is your exercise programme helping or harming you Were all different and we need to recognise this before venturing out and trying to copy someone elses workout or carrying out a one size fits all programme given in many of the commercial health clubs and magazines these days. Have a look around you, at your family, partner or people just walking down the street. Although youll notice similarities were all different shapes and sizes and present our own unique postural identity.

Muscle burns calories

The team at FUNtional have heard this time and time again from new clients.

“My body shape just doesn’t change, I’m sick of spending session after session on the treadmill, sitting on the bike or hitting the streets and the body fat is still not coming off?”

This can be so discouraging and unmotivating. As a result people tend to just give up, putting their weight loss programme in the ‘too hard box’, well until next summer at least!


Richard Earney, Functional Head Trainer & Group Well-Being Director, Aspria demonstrating that Tennis is not a one dimensional sport with Top Belgian Tennis Player, Antoine Houssier.  No matter what your level - Novice to Advanced, you can preapre off the court to help improve preformance or fun! 

Make it FUN - Vary it Up

If you find exercise boring and a chore, then you will find it very difficult to stick to your exercise goals. There are so many different options, forms and styles of exercise to all needs and wants. This can also change on a day to day basis, vary things up to suit how ‘you’ feel, that’s the beauty of it.  There are huge benefits in swimming, yoga, pilates, resistance training, spinning, Zumba, yet they are all completely different.

Of course, having a motivational, inspirational Trainer by your side helps and takes the ‘guess work out of your training’.
As you know Aspria, boats one of the largest collective class timetables in Europe and excells in variety and innovations.
Get moving and vary it up!

Rugby Conditioning - Shifting, lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling, jumping and dissipating forces...movement in 3 dimensions, as the body was designed too on the Rugby field. With Richard Earney, Functional Trainer, PTA Global Faculty and Well-being Director, Aspria Europe and Paul Tucker, High Performance Coach, Brussels, Belgium.


High v function.

Right, ladies – this one is aimed at you.  If you’re going to wear high heels (which is 100% for vanity over function), then take note of your posture in and out of the heels. Simply put, we were not designed to wear heels under the back foot. No question!