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  Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs – what holds us back, really holds us back from reaching our goals, making it all the way to the desired outcome? I have heard all the excuses under the sun and most of the time, they can be overcome.

It’s not easy, but that is the whole point of a goal. People sabotage their goals, constantly with one reason or another, usually blame pointed at someone or something else.

It’s time to take responsibility. Write down your goals and then note the potential ‘limiting beliefs’ you have, this process requires total self-honesty and conscious thought. It’s actually quite invigorating to confront these. Then list the potential obstacles you ‘think’ you will face and potential strategies to overcome them.

When they arise (and they always do), you can recognize the signs, draw on this process to help you beat them. Focus on the feeling of satisfaction you will feel at the completion OR even more powerful, is to focus on ‘how’ you will feel if you don’t or are in the same mindset in 1yr, 2yr, 5yrs…….NOT a good feeling is it?

Reflection is a daily process; it’s how we turn that thought into action that adds the power.