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  Anti-oxidants V Free radicals Good Guys v Bad Guys

We just don’t like aging! We don’t take to getting older with grace (some more than others), the anti-aging market is BIG business -  creams, potions, lotions, cosmetic surgery, lifts, tucks, fillers and everything in between.  However, our lifestyle, where and how we live directly effects our aging (and ‘well-being’) process. The good news is, anti-oxidents are the ‘good guys’ and can literally slow this process down.

Lets make the complex simple!

Free radicals cause oxidative stress and oxidative stress contributes to ageing (premature ageing  - eyes, joints, wrinkles, immune system) and some of the big diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease CVD , neurological degeneration).


Simply put – this is WAR. Free radicals are constantly trying to take healthy electrons from cells (steal them)! The issue is, when they do, they leave the cell useless, dying and by taking the electron, they in turn make their own cells’s like internal rusting - Not good! Don’t fear – for anti-oxidants are the ‘heroes’. They come in to save the day. They literally throw themselves at free radicals (think of the All Blacks Rugby Team) and sacrifice themselves. Anti-oxidants combat free radicals to prevent cell damage and maintain health. The amount of anti-oxidants you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you live.


  • MUST eat fruit and vegetables every day
  • Consume dark rich colored fruits and vegetables
  • Include Vitamins A,C, E -
  • Take a reputable anti-oxident (ensure high quality, especially in the UK, where there are many cheaply produced vitamins, minerals).
  • Store food in glass containers


  • Amount of time in polluted areas
  • Planes – haven for free radical production.
  • Big cities - pollution û Near highly charged electrical products and sockets – ensure there is no sockets close to your head, in bed when you sleep (don’t leave your mobile next to your head at night).
  • Excessive exercise – especially over use of cardio (have you ever seen a healthy looking long distance runner).
  • Storing food / water in cheap plastic containers – this leaches toxins into your food / water. If your drink bottle smells like plastic, your drinking plastic.
  • Over processed foods – tansfats, preservatives. If the ingredients sound like a chemistry exam, then don’t eat it.

Remember anti-oxidants = All Blacks!